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We liaise with the solicitors to make sure plans mirror the written lease 


Amendments are free of charge



Fixed price quote’s; prices start from £300 and are fully inclusive.


A member of staff will convey a site visit and survey the property, when drawn, we will email a copy of the lease plan to you and your acting solicitor for inspection and approval, this is to check and confirm that the   plans mirrors the written lease. Amendments if required are free of charge.  If required we also supply a set of hard copies.  


Go to our contact page for Email enquiries and quotes, please supply if possible: Postcode, a brief description of the property. Alternatively call our office number on 01536 359073                                                                                                                                                                                                              

 A lease plan is a detailed drawing showing exactly what is included in said lease. It identifies communal areas, parking areas, storage areas or any other area connected to the lease. The plan must comply with the standards laid down by the land registry. These requirements have changed in 2003 which means that any plan drawn before this time must be updated to become compliant. This is a legal requirement. The owner of the free hold grants a lease which could be part of a building or land. The time the lease runs for is set over a period of time which for residential properties is usually over 100 years. Commercial premises tend to run for a shorter period of time generally between 3-10 years.                                                                                                               


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