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Extensions and Loft Conversions specialist. 


We specialise in planning permission and building regulation plans for all types of home improvements in the residential sector, delivering high quality loft conversion and extension plans. Quickly, efficiently and at reasonable prices.

Each project is individual and one of our team will discuss your requirements before quotation, they will also advise on permitted development if applicable to your requirements.


Example of Project     

 Stage 1 Full Measured Survey  

 Stage2 Design concepts  

 Stage 3 Planning       

 Planning applications drawings are prepared using the agreed concept design.


The plans that need to be produced are:                                                                                                                                

  • Location Plan  
  • Existing and Proposed site plan
  • Existing and Proposed Elevations, Floors, Section & Roof                                                                                                                                                                                

In addition to the draw plans a report describing the design will be produced to be read in conjunction with the plans. Once the planning documentation is uploaded to the planning portal a decision must be made within 8 weeks.


 Stage 4.1 Building control Regulation Consent once planning permission is obtained a new set of plans must be produced detailing specific elements of the design. These are known as building regulation drawings and specifications. These are required to satisfy the building regulations. Once produced the building authority has 5 weeks to inform us of their decision.                                                                                                       


Stage 4.2 Structural Calculations whilst the building control drawings and specifications are being compiled a structural engineer must be sort. The structural engineer will be supplied with all the relevant information needed; the engineer may also require a site visit.  Once the engineer has produced his report in the way of the drawings and calculations, this information is then added to the building regulation and specification drawings then finally submitted.(Invasive investigation work may need to be carried out to assess the type of certain building elements and the condition of ground and foundations) Until design drawings are completed it is not possible to cost for the structural calculations.


Stage 5 Completion of Design once building control approval has been obtained the project is completed, the plans and documentation can then be sent out to tender to contractors. 




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